Triple Threat: Three Thrillers

Over the last few weeks Lectito has been on a crime spree, seeking out the latest sinister, suspenseful reads. Here’s what we found:

The Lies We Tell by Meg Carter (Canelo, Aug. 2015)

The Lies We Tell coverA domestic thriller for fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train.

In the summer of 1989 there was a fire at Gallows Hill. Two school girls, Kat and Jude, managed to escape the blaze. Jude found her way back to the rest of her classmates, while Kat was discovered unconscious by the roadside. What happened before the fire changed the course of both their lives.

Twenty-five years later, Katy (formerly Kat) is the woman who has it all: great job, attentive fiance, a house in the right neighbourhood and a baby on the way. But just when Katy thinks she’s finally going to get her happily ever after, Jude makes an unwelcome reappearance in her life and threatens to take away everything katy has worked for.

At the same time, Katy and her family meet with a series of misfortunes and someone keeps prowling around her house at night.

The Lies We Tell is a sinister story of deception, privilege and long buried secrets.

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The Lies We Tell is available through Amazon (Kindle) and Kobo.

Black-Eyed Susans by Julia Haeberlin (Penguin, Aug. 2015)

Black-eyed susans coverA fun, page-flippin’ thriller with a Gothic twist.

Tessie grew up in a fairytale, both grim and Grimm: an enchanted castle, a dead mother and endless adventures. But one day the fairytale took an unexpected twist and Tessie found herself surrounded by flowers—black-eyed susans—in a shallow grave filled with dead girls’ bones.

With the help of a top psychiatrist and her best friend, well-read and morbidly fanciful Lydia, Tessie fights to put the Susans’ killer behind bars. The problem is, she can’t remember the killer’s face, and while a man is sent to prison, every few years someone plants black-eyed susans where only Tessie would think to look.

Eighteen years later, Tessa has a new name and a new life. Her fourteen-year-old daughter is even more feisty and athletic than she was at that age, and her reputation as an artist is on the rise. However, the man accused of killing the Susans is facing execution and a sinister crop of black-eyed susans has just appeared beneath Tessa’s bedroom window.

With a good lawyer, a forensics expert and a child psychiatrist at her side, Tessa has one last chance to ‘walk the crooked path to [her] childhood’ and face her monster before an innocent man is put to death and the real killer strikes again.

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Black-Eyed Susans is available via Amazon (Kindle), Book Depository andKobo.

In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware (Harvill Secker, July 2015)

In a dark dark wood coverA smart and chilling debut brimming with suspense. 

A group of old school friends reunite for a hen weekend at a remote country house deep in the woods. But what should be a fun few days of dirty games and drinking takes a turn for the sinister when secrets from the past begin to surface.

When Nora wakes up in hospital on Sunday morning, she can’t remember what happened at the party. But someone is dead and what at first appears to have been an accident begins to look increasingly like murder, and everyone, even Nora, has a motive. In a Dark, Dark Wood is a claustrophobic and chilling read, compelling the reader on with steadily mounting tension.

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In a Dark, Dark Wood is available through Amazon (Kindle), Book Depository and Kobo.

What great thrillers have you read lately? Let us know in the comments below. 

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