What do you wish you’d known before you started (book) blogging?

Lectito is celebrating its first birthday next month! I can’t believe it’s been almost a whole year since I joined the book blogging community. In that time, I’ve made many wonderful new friends, read and reviewed some incredible books and generally gone about the business of finding my blogging feet. I’ve also made my fair share of mistakes, and there is a bunch of stuff I wish I’d known before I started.

So to celebrate Lectito’s first year, I’m putting together a series of posts for new and aspiring (book) bloggers, sharing the advice I found helpful and answers to the questions I wish I’d known to ask when I was first getting started. A beginners’ guide, essentially.

Each week in June I’m going to publish a post with a different theme, and the posts will cover everything from the basic nuts and bolts of choosing a platform and setting up a posting schedule, to review writing tips, to sourcing ARCs and getting involved with the wider book blogging community, etc., etc.

To make the series as valuable a resource as possible, I’d love to hear from some of you: what essential points do I need to cover? What are the things you wish you’d known in your early days of book blogging? What questions do you still have? What are the things that make you follow someone’s blog? And, perhaps most importantly: do you have any advice you’d like to share? (with due credit, of course!)

If there are questions you’d like answered or tips you’re keen to offer, leave ’em in the comments below or pop ’em in an email: projectlectito@gmail.com.

Thanking you muchly in advance,

Margot xx

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