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Happy Valentine’s Day, book lovers!

I’m posting this week’s review on Sunday rather than Friday because I spent most of Friday in transit from Perth to Adelaide, where I’ll be hanging about for the next few weeks for the Fringe/Festival/Writers’ Week (so excited!!). Fellow Radeladians, if you’re keen on comedy I can personally recommend Lucy Gransbury’s Funny Face—saw it on Friday night and laughed so much it hurt.* Also, there was chocolate.

It’s also been a big week here on the blog. Between trips to the beach (it was over 40 almost every day!), I reviewed one of my most anticipated YA reads of 2016, caught up with a fellow Aussie book reviewer to talk reading and reviews and, for the aesthetes among you, I put together a list of some of my absolute favourite bookstagram accounts.

Take a look!

*Full disclosure: Lucy is my sister-in-law’s BFF, and we’re both from Adelaide, so there’s a good chance we’re related. She’s still hilarious. Go see her show.  


Screen shot 2016-02-03 at 9.37.58 AM

My Sister Rosa

Justine Larbalestier

Genre: YA


Read the review.

Bookstagram Revisited: 25 (more) accounts that make reading look good

Take a peek.

Bookstagram 2

Book Blogger Q & A: Elle from Elle Biblio

Meet Elle.


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