One Month Old Today!

On 16 June, after much planning and preparation, Lectito went live, and today we’re celebrating ONE WHOLE MONTH of internet life. The past few weeks have been a wondrous chaos of reading, writing and talking about books. In that time we’ve interviewed four rising stars on the Australian writing scene: fantasy writer Liana Skrzypczak, essayist Lou Heinrich, Tounges editor Raelke Grimmer and poet Jakob Boyd.

We’ve posted nine book reviews of recent releases, revisited six classics and dreamed up ten lists of recommendations, from our favourite unreliable narrators, to the YA novels we wish we’d read in school, to our top reads of 2015 to date, to the creepiest haunted house stories.

So that you can enjoy all these great books, we’ve also shared our top tips for making more time to read, as well as advice for aspiring reviewers.

But what we’ve loved most over this past month has been getting acquainted with the book blogging community, chatting with and being inspired by other bloggers and reading their reviews.

Can’t wait to see what the next few months (and years) will bring!

Margot, Editor

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