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Here at Lectito we love chatting with writers about their work and the books that inspire them, but we’re equally keen to talk books with our fellow readers and reviewers. With that in mind we’re launching a new segment: Reviewer Q & A. In this segment we’re going to be getting to know our fellow reviewers and having a chat about what they love to read and how and why they review. 

For our first ever Reviewer Q & A, we caught up with Young Adult and New Adult reviewer The Bibliothèque

Can you tell us a bit about your site: how long have you been reviewing and why did you start?

The Bibliothèque is already six months old!

The day I decided to start a book blog, it was more for myself than for putting my opinion out there so anyone could read it. Let me explain: you know when you have all these emotions tangled up and you feel like if you don’t get them out, they are going to make you implode? Well, that’s the main reason why I started blogging. I don’t consider myself an excellent review writer, when I talk about a book on The Bibliothèque, it’s more like an easy-light-mood opinion. I like to keep my reviews casual, as if I was just fan-girling with you while we have a coffee together.

What kind of books do you review?

I mainly read Young Adult and New Adult, all types of sub-genres. Lately, I haven been craving mostly NA. But, to be honest, what really attracts me to a book is romance. Yep, I am a sucker for that, I admit it. I live and breathe for happy endings. Too much maybe, but what I like to think is that we never get enough love in our life.

What’s your reviewing process?

Read – Feel – Write. I think it should be that easy and I love that it actually is. Reviews can be a detailed analysis of a book, or as I see them, they can be your way to tell the world ‘Stop what you are doing and go read this book! (or not)’.

Book, e-reader or both? And why?

Both! I won’t start enumerating the infinite reasons why books are so great and perfect and lovely, let me tell you instead that e-readers are super comfortable! And when one reads a couple of books a week, comfort and easy access is just nice. So I have 50/50 books and e-books. Plus, you know how much all those books with pretty covers are going to make your boxes weigh once you decide to move apartments? Just being practical…

How do you decide what to read next?

Goodreads is always the answer. I could spend hours scrolling through book recommendations. I might or might not do that… No, I totally spend insane amount of time on Goodreads.

What are three key things you look for in a good story?

Love, action and a refreshing story.

What do you love most about reading, and why is it important?

Escaping reality for some hours. So cliché but so true. Isn’t it just amazing to forget about everything for a while? The more I read, the more I crave it.

Why are book reviews are important?

I guess a big part is that everyone likes to get a glimpse of what they are going to experience with a certain book or story. But it is also a little bit more than that, I think we are programmed to share what we love and hate. Reviews are a way of sharing those feelings towards a book with anyone willing to hear you out.

What’s been your favourite read so far this year?

I have to go with anything Colleen Hoover has written. Ever. Discovery of the year for me!

What five books should everyone reading this add to their TBR pile?

This one is a hard one, my TBR shelf is a bit of a mess… So I am not the best one for advice. However, if you have not read yet any of Cassandra Clare’s series, you should definitely put your reading pants on and go for it. Right now. Cassandra’s ‘Mortal Instruments’ series is like my YA-series-first-love. I also adore her ‘Infernal Devices’ series—so many feelings! Of course, I think anything Colleen Hoover has written should also be on your TBR. And finally, same applies to Jennifer L. Armentrout books (aka J. Lynn if you are more of a New Adult reader). As you see, I didn’t quite succeed at answering the question, I hope my recommendations help you discover something new anyway!

If you could live inside a book, which one would you pick?

I think I would pick Pride and Prejudice. I might be lying if I said that it’s not about the pretty dresses… But that’s only part of the reason. The other part is Elizabeth Bennet. I’ve always had a devastating personality crush on her.

Which three fictional characters would you most like to meet and why?

Well, of course, one is Miss Bennet aka Mrs Darcy (spoiler alert! Sorry!). Secondly, Ridge, from Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover, because he is the sweetest, most honest, loveable man ever. And last but not least, Adrian from the ‘Bloodlines’ series by Richelle Mead, because he got me obsessing over him for about six books. Big and bad book boyfriend love right there.

Who is the one character you’d never want to run into in real life?

Voldemort. No explanation needed, right?

What advice would you give to new and aspiring reviewers?

Just go for it, spill your mind and heart, and you’ll be fine.

What advice would you give to emerging writers?

Same as above, I think. I am sure there are plenty of important factors to take into account when you want your book to be successful, of course. A book will never comply with everyone’s taste, however, as long as you are putting everything you have on it, what’s left to do? Not much, actually. I am a romantic, so my advice is to put your heart on what you do. Oh, and please, if you are a New Adult writer, the half naked dude on the cover is not mandatory, you know? *just saying…*.

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